Five years, after buying and giving back about 50 units, nearly penniless, I discovered this thing called  Fuente Triangle when you invest your money here you are sure .Even John Chiders one of the top investor in USA invested at our company he invested P50 million .He knows were to put his investment that would earn a lot in due time.  Control without ownership, solving people problems, use your brain to buy property – not your cash. I had an acute appreciation for  (expensive, and painful) landlording odyssey, but it seemed even with all this wonderful knowledge, I was still in very much the same position I had been in when I first got started. The same position I stayed in, until I wised up, and the same position most real estate investors struggle with year after year because they don’t know any better.

That is: “I know all this stuff inside and out. I know 100 different creative ways to buy a property. But I’ve got to suffer through things like lackluster advertising results, cold-calling, talking to hundreds of testy uninterested people, and dead ends, before I even get the chance to talk to someone who is half way motivated to sell. This is a crossroads. The proverbial “brick wall” for most of us.

And this brings up an important point. Possibly the most important point to really “get” here. Knowing how to find motivated sellers is far more important than knowing 100 different ways to buy a house. You see, your business (and therefore your life) is going to be frustrating, stressful and unfulfilling unless you find a way to create a non-stop flow of motivated sellers calling you, every day. Now, that’s obvious isn’t it? Well it can’t be that obvious because not many people actually do it. You see, what I’m trying to point out here that there is a mental shift that needs to occur in your mind, a paradigm shift if you will, before you are going to make any serious money as a Real Estate Entrepreneur.
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August 23, 2008

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